Lyndall Insurance, Proud Sponsor of the Towpath Trilogy

The Towpath Trail has inspired a lot of runners over the years. Lyndall Insurance is proud to sponsor the Towpath Trilogy Race Series because agency principal Craig Lyndall loves to run it.

“I’ve always wanted to use my marketing and sponsorship money for things that I care about,” said Craig. “The Towpath is a great resource for our region, and I’m proud to support it. In an industry like insurance- where there are huge national players throwing money around to advertise their message, I figured why try to beat them at their game when I can  make an impact in a different way?”

Craig Lyndall has now run Towpath Trilogy races on ten different occasions since 2011- and finished the full marathon for the first time in 2015.

The Towpath Marathon will celebrate its 25th Anniversary October 9th, 2016 in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


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