Towpath Marathon Draws from 31 States, Canada and.. Belgium

The 2014 Towpath Marathon has, so far, drawn runners from 31 states, Canada and.. Belgium.

We reached out to Luc Viaene, our Belgian runner, to learn more about what drew him to our race.

What do you look for when choosing a race?
This one is a particular one. I am in Cincinnati for 2 weeks for the job (P&G) and I have been looking for a run during the weekend. I have been searching the internet and your run looked fantastic. Normally I would have opted for the Marathon, but I have just had surgery of a Hernia 3 weeks ago, so I went for the Half. I have actually been running tonight for the first time in 5 weeks.  So, my performance will for sure not be the best , but I am sure I will enjoy it!

How did you learn about the Towpath Marathon?
These days, I am looking for trails and nature marathons, no longer for performance anyway. I have been running the big 5: NY, Boston, Chicago, London and Berlin and now I am looking for the smaller runs where the runners’ atmosphere is prime.

Have you participated in other far-off races? What are your favorites?
I have to say that NY and London have been my favourites.

What is on your must-see list while you are in the Cleveland area?As to Cleveland, I do not know the area at all; seeing the pictures of your runs, I am looking forward to see the nature around there.

Are you visiting Cleveland from out of town?
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