The Towpath Trilogy Now Offers Free CORE Nutrition Planning.

The Towpath Trilogy Race Series is pleased to offer CORE Nutrition Planning as a free new program for our runners in 2017.

CORE Nutrition Planning takes into account your physiology, preferences and tolerances, as well as information about your training and race to create a customized nutrition plan for your next big Towpath Trilogy event.

“Our goal is to help athletes maximize their performance by providing evidence-based nutrition plans. We are very excited to partner with Towpath Trilogy to provide runners with free, personalized, CORE nutrition plans customized for Towpath events.” –Bill Braun, Co-CEO, CORE Nutrition Planning

CORE will create a nutrition plan that incorporates course aid stations and the BOOM Energy Gel, bananas, and hydration offered during Towpath Trilogy events of 10 miles and longer.

Get Started with a CORE Nutrition plan

Check out the 10 Miler/Half Marathon CORE Nutrition Guide