Visiting Northeast Ohio for the Towpath Marathon

Pre-race pizza and beer in Memphis TN. Left side: Rusty and Mary Davenport, Brenda and Eric Merritt, Wade Busch. Right side: Arvind Vemula, Dan Murphy, Carrie and Bob Berg, Gayles Busch. Not pictured Krys Sloan and Mark Young. Wade and Gayles are not coming to OH.


Each year the Towpath Marathon draws runners from across the country to experience our race in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We recently talked with Carrie Berg, who is part of a large group coming to town from Mason City, Iowa.

Hi Carrie, so you’re part of a group coming to the Towpath Marathon all the way from Mason City, Iowa. Could you tell us more about your group?

There’s about 12 of us.  We pick one race a year and “road trip.”  Makes us feel young. We’re an eclectic bunch of crazies ages 48 to 69, with one 36 year old “youngster.”

In our group we have a District court judge, several physicians, independent IT businessman, dietitian, physical therapists, and homemakers. Three Ironmen, a Boston Qualifier. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. If it’s not fun, why do it?

Wow, that’s great is there anything you’re looking forward to doing while you’re in the Cleveland area?

We are going to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, and we will definitely enjoy a beer at Great Lakes Brewing.

What is the farthest the group has traveled for a race?

We have traveled to marathons in Louisville KY, Duluth MN, Fargo ND, and Memphis TN.  We try to tour a museum or national attraction wherever we go.

Have you guys run in a National Park before?

No.  But we are really looking forward to seeing the Cuyahoga NP!  It should be beautiful in early October.  Our last few training runs have been very hot and humid.  Hoping the Fall weather in Ohio will be cool and crisp on race day.

Are there any other activities your group likes to do?

We do Cranksgiving, which is a local bike fundraiser to buy food shelf items at different locations, while riding your bike across Mason City. Our running group likes to participate a little differently by donating cash and holding our own “scavenger hunt.”

Our runner who is a judge, Rusty Davenport, gives us each a piece of paper with 5 items that we must be seen along our run. Some items: a person wearing a local college sweatshirt, a piece of garbage from McDonalds, someone using a leaf blower, a mailman, someone on a roof cleaning out the gutters.  First person to find all five items “wins.”

One year, the winner came from behind by seeing a man on a roof, leaf blowing out the gutters wearing an ISU sweatshirt, AS A MAILMAN walked by- you can’t make this stuff up!

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