CORE Nutrition Planning

The Towpath Trilogy Race Series is pleased to offer CORE Nutrition Planning as a FREE new program for our runners.

CORE helps you create a nutrition plan your next big Towpath Trilogy event (and for your training, too!).  It’s a tool for athletes of all levels, from the seasoned professional to the beginning recreational athlete.  CORE is grounded in science and lets you customize your plan based on your personal goals and preferences.

CORE knows about aid stations for Towpath Trilogy events and will create a nutrition plan that includes the BOOM Energy Gel, bananas, and hydration offered during Towpath Trilogy Half Marathons, 10 Miler and Marathon.


Click on the link below to build your FREE CORE Nutrition Plan in a few easy steps:







CORE Towpath Marathon Nutrition Plan

CORE Towpath Half Marathon (October) Nutrition Plan

CORE Towpath Half Marathon (April) Nutrition Plan



Be sure to also check out the nutrition guides!  The marathon and half marathon / ten mile guide tell all about nutrition including carb-loading, race-day breakfast, nutrition during the race including carbs, hydration and caffeine.










You wouldn’t run a marathon in a brand new pair of shoes!  You sure shouldn’t run a marathon with a brand new nutrition plan.  The Nutritional Training guide tells all about how to train your gut in the weeks leading up to your big race so that on race day you’re certain to be well prepared!








All the best for training and racing!