Towpath Ten-Ten – June 19, 2021

Featuring 10 Mile & 10K Race Lengths

The second race in the 2021 Towpath Trilogy.

When you run the Ten-Ten, you support other Towpath Trail events and programming in the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area.

Run the Towpath Ten-Ten with your dad! And even if your dad is in another city, you can still do the Ten-Ten together virtually!

The Towpath Ten-Ten

Location: TBD

When: Saturday, June 19, 2021

Register for the Ten-Ten (pending)


Bib Mail Out Deadline for the Towpath Ten-Ten (10k & 10 Miler): TBD

Mail and Fax Registration: TBD

Online Registration: TBD


“I started “jogging” a few years back as a part of a plan to lose weight. I was 220 pounds and totally out of shape. I ended up dropping 50 pounds and getting really competitive with my running, but not until I completed my first Ten-Ten.

The Towpath Ten-Ten was the race that finally convinced me I was more than a casual jogger and a real runner. I ditched the over-sized gym shorts and bad t-shirts and started really training for races. I’ve signed up for the Towpath races ever since.

Last year, I was hell-bent on doing the Trilogy. I did just fine on the first two legs, but during the Towpath Marathon I got leg muscle spasms somewhere around mile 21 or 22 and had to throw in the towel. I’m planning on completing the Trilogy this year and I wanted to sponsor the race because I feel like I owe it and the Towpath for so much of my health and hobby.”

-Craig Lyndall

Rules and Regulations

Runners must be over 13 and have parental permission for the 10-Miler and 10K.

The Ten-Ten is usually a Father’s Day tradition so celebrate your dad by running with him! And dad, this is a fun way to enjoy a run with your kid!